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The Storm Before the Calm?

We are in the homestretch friends and I couldn’t be more excited…and terrified. Every time I think we have reached the pinnacle of chaos, things somehow get even more chaotic. But I take comfort in knowing that once the doors open and we launch, it’ll be just smooth sailing…right? RIGHT!?

The last month has been a mad dash to get ready for Calgary International Beerfest. With the festival just a week away, I can say that we are mostly prepared…mostly. We have some big plans for our booth and we are pretty stoked to finally give you a taste of what Cold Garden is all about. I can’t give away too much without my partners yelling at me so all I will say is that we are at booth 371 in Hall E, behind the Sample Token area and close to the Social Media Lounge and the Craft Distillery District (where I will definitely be spending my downtime). Come stop by and say hi, chill at one of our custom-made tables, bask in the glory of our pineapple chandelier, and, you know, drink some beer.

In other news, we are aiming for a soft launch sometime in the next month and to host a grand opening shindig soon after; however, all this is subject to review from the City. We should be able to give a specific launch date in the next few weeks, until then, let the chaos ensue.

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