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All of the Updates. ALL OF THEM!

Well, since my last post, it feels like everything has happened and nothing has happened all at the same time. I’ll warn you now, there are a lot of different emotions that may come out in this post so prepare yourself for anything.

When I last blogged, our tanks, brewhouse, etc. hadn’t been shipped and Blake and I were about to head down to Seattle to pick up our glycol unit and wort chiller. So, fun story, as we were pulling out of Calgary that Thursday evening to head to the States, we got a call that our container from China, that supposedly hadn’t been shipped, would be arriving in port the next day. I will save you all a long and boring lesson in importing goods by simply saying that companies who have a record of importing goods usually deal with less risk of having a container searched and delayed than a company who has never imported anything. Thus, a mad dash ensued to get our glycol unit across the border before our China container could be processed in Vancouver. Besides a nasty hangover, a $300 sushi bill, and a tarp that never had a chance in hell of making it back to Canada, I am pleased to say both the glycol unit and our C Can were successfully imported with no delays.

With the arrival of our excessively polished tanks came a renewed excitement about the company. The boys and I kicked it into high gear, networking, banking and filling out applications galore! This is where the “nothing has happened” part comes into play. My parents have been building and developing commercial properties and businesses since they were my age. They have always warned me that dealing with the City could be…difficult. Our experience hasn’t been unpleasant by any means and we have had the opportunity to work with some very willing and wonderful people at the City who want to help us, and the microbrewery industry, develop here in Calgary. That being said, I am so unbelievably thankful for Dan and his knowledge and commitment to the brewery because HOLY CRAP there are so many convoluted details to manage when dealing with the City!

So, where does this leave us now? We are currently waiting on our building permit so we can get our taproom and brewery built out, and all of our excessively shiny equipment set up. We are aiming for a soft launch the last week of April or just after the Calgary International BeerFest. By the way, we will be appearing at BeerFest so keep an eye out for us!

Other important items to be addressed:

  1. We’ve decided on our final product line so stay tuned for more info.

  2. We got ourselves a custom can-sealer, which is desperately in need of a name, AND we are going to let you all name it. Watch our Facebook Page for your chance to show how clever and witty you are.

  3. Thank you all for your continued support! Many of you have been down at the brewery helping us out or spreading the word about Cold Garden and we really appreciate it. We shall repay you by brewing delicious beer!

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