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Dust, so much dust...

I mentioned concrete polishing in my last blog…terrible stuff that concrete polishing. After a failed attempt to finish the floors ourselves, we finally gave in and paid the professionals to do it. Now, being the crafty souls we are, we couldn’t just finish the floors, OH NO, we had to finish the floors in style. So, with Kintsugi flair, we filled all the cracks in the concrete with gold glitter. There is now much debate on whether we should change the company name to Gold Garden.

Once the floors were finished, we set to work cleaning out the useless wires, pipes, random pointy metal objects and anything else that wasn’t bolted down (and a few things that were). We are now in the process of pressure washing the walls, roof, floors, and basically everything else in the brewery to prep for painting, building and brewing.

But enough about the boring building stuff! You most definitely want to hear about Cold Garden’s first saleable beer.

As many of you know, we teamed up with Tool Shed Brewing for a collaboration cask to be featured at the BIG Winter Classic. Blake was supposed to write a Brewer’s Blog about his experience brewing alongside Graham and the Tool Shed team, but alas he has been SO busy that he just couldn’t find the time (she said sarcastically). Anyway, I digress. Graham, Jeff, and the Tool Shed team were all amazing. They have one of the sweetest set-ups in the city and I would definitely recommend stopping in (and tasting their new beers).

The Winter Classic was unlike any festival I've ever seen. Breweries were paired with bands and we all collaborated to create a cask that would be featured alongside the band during the festival. When we first heard Guantanamo Baywatch, we knew they were the band for us and to complement their beachy vibe, we decided to brew a tropical IPA. The entire experience was incredible and I can't even begin to describe how proud I was of my team when we tapped that cask and lei'd everyone we could get our hands on. And the beer...the beer was pretty damn good.

Our equipment was set to arrive next week but from what we can tell, it hasn’t even been shipped yet. The good news is that we were warned this would happen so we were prepared to deal with the delay financially, and emotionally. Our glycol unit and wort chiller (Chillary Clinton) are sitting in Seattle so the next big adventure is for Blake and I to head down and pick them up. After that, well, we build us a taproom.

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