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Equipment Arriving in February...or March…or April…or whenever…

It has been a while since the last post so I figured I would write a bit of an update for you all. We received approval from the bank on our loan application in September. The news that we had been approved for the loan was invigorating! We hit the ground running, accomplishing some pretty daunting tasks such as trenching out the floors and plumbing in new drains, ordering our equipment, and starting to integrate into the Calgary brewing community. Now maybe it was the sobering price tag of our equipment, made worse by the current exchange rate, but lately we have been taking things a little slower. To be fair, the calm is also partially due to the fact that for the last month, the owners have been taking turns vacationing. Dan was off for a bachelor party in New Orleans, Blake took a week off to visit Mexico, and I took a few days to explore the striking town of Brooks, Alberta… nice place, definitely check out the aqueduct, rated the #1 thing of the five things to do in Brooks by TripAdvisor. But I digress, while we are still planning, meeting, and brewing like crazy, we have definitely adopted a more relaxed method of approaching the challenges ahead.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you a quick story about our new friends at Village Brewery. I met Jim Button at the Travel Alberta Industry Conference and told him about Cold Garden. He invited the boys and me down to Village to socialize. I don’t know if you have ever been to Village, but you should definitely tour the brewery if you get a chance. We chatted with the Village team for quite some time, admired their facility, and may or may not have enjoyed some frosty beverages. As the evening wrapped up, Jim walked over to a utility closet and started digging around. He pulled out an old, red card table that looked like it could tell some pretty incredible stories if only it could talk. Jim proceeded to tell us the tale of the red card table, the very first Village boardroom table, and then he told us to take it. I’ve worked in a lot of different industries, but I have never seen anything like the craft brewing community. For two competitors to sit down together and share their stories, plans and experiences, to pass along a relic of your company to a competitor, well, let’s just say I’m pretty excited to work in an industry like this. Or the table is bugged and we were hoodwinked!

Our equipment is set to arrive in the beginning of February, though we have been advised by other breweries to expect major delays. That being said, we have meetings galore scheduled for the coming weeks and big plans for the next month that involve pallets, a thirty-foot bar, and a whole lot of concrete polishing. We continue to forge ahead!

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