Jack O' Lanterns

Dracula is partnering with Cold Garden to release his new Blood Red Ale (don't question it).

He hopes to use this party as a way back into politics... he used to be a Count and now he's gunning for Premier of Alberta!

His political slogan is "I want to suck your oil".

October 31st is the launch party and he has invited some of his closest friends, business partners and nemesis-es'ssss for a wild night of fun to prove once and for all: Dracula's are great guys!

Join us on Calgary's first and only Dracula-friendly patio for a night of entertainment and political schmoozing.


But wait! Chaos and murder ensues! But who? By who? And why?!

Join us for an evening of spooky roving actors playing out this murder mystery for party guests (that's you!), and try and solve the mystery!

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