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Another year under the pandemic, thankfully flexibility and teamwork kept the Garden strong.

CTV News

CALGARY -- As thousands of Albertans continue to roll up their sleeves for a COVID-19 vaccine, some businesses and institutions across the province are offering incentives or rewards for customers and staff who get their shot.

Cold Garden Beverage Company in Calgary’s Ramsay neighbourhood is trading proof of a shot for a cold one, called ‘Cans for Community Immunity’

“Beer is all about community," said cofounder Dan Allard. “Frankly we just want to be back to normal so we’re doing everything we can to keep that momentum going and we’ll give some free beer to do it.”

Health Canada hasn’t issued a warning about avoiding alcohol intake before or after immunization against COVID-19, writing in an email to CTV News, “None of the current vaccines have warnings related to alcohol intake, as there is no evidence of interference from alcohol intake on vaccination efficacy or safety that would require such a warning.”

Many restaurants across the province are offering similar incentives for people to get their shots.

Milestones on Stephen Avenue in Calgary will give customers 20 per cent off takeout orders if they can show they’ve received their shot.

If waiting in line for your shot built up an appetite, Northern Chicken and Woodshed Burgers in Edmonton are also offering discounts on their meals in exchange for proof of a jab.

It’s not all food and drink though. Glass Bookshop also in Edmonton is offering an online discount code for an order to thank Albertans for “doing their part.”

Alberta company, Bessie Box, is taking these a step further and not only offering people a discount off one of their boxes in exchange for tagging them in vaccine selfie but also promising to give back to charity.

For every selfie the company is also promising to donate the Leftover Foundation in Calgary and Edmonton which works to reduce food waste and excess food city landfills.

In Lethbridge, a COVID-19 shot could land you free tuition.

The University of Lethbridge launched the ‘It’s Worth A Shot!’ contest on Monday where registered student who receive a vaccination before 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 8 are eligible to win full tuition and fees for the 2021 semester.

Legal Concerns 

Some Canadian businesses are offering incentives to employees as well to get their vaccine but that raises some legal questions. 

Lorian Hardcastle, associate professor in the faculty of law and Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, says perks for customers is a nice incentive but there could be legal ramifications when it comes to businesses offering benefits to employees because not everyone can get a shot due to health reasons. 

“In that case we might get into a human rights arguments around people who can’t get vaccinated and that be discriminatory toward them” she said.

However, Hardcastle says the same concerns don’t apply to someone who just chooses not to get a vaccine. 

Whether a perk will impact someone’s choice, employee or customer, Hardcastle says it likely won’t change someone’s mind who be vaccine hesitate but it may speed things up for someone who plans to. 

“What it may do though is it may expedite the process who intended to get vaccinated but who intended to get vaccinated but for example may have not have got around to getting a shot yet.”

Hardcastle says this may even play out more if we get to a point where we have an excess of vaccines but low demand of bookings.

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Peer Review Podcast

About our guests

We caught up with three different Calgary brewery owners to talk specifically about co-operation and collaboration in the craft beer scene. Legislative changes have made starting a brewery accessible for home brewers, and the popularity of craft beer has made opening a brewery more relevant than ever. We dive-in and discuss this current trend with three former UCalgary students who are running some of the most successful breweries in the city.

Blue Nile

Awesome Gift Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

Milestones are such an important part of life. They give us reason to pause, take stock of how far we've come, and of course to celebrate with those that matter most to us! Whether it's 18 or 80, buying a gift for someone who is marking a milestone birthday can feel daunting because you want it to be meaningful and memorable. Fear not - we spoke to Blue Nile to share our best gift ideas for someone special in your life who is celebrating a milestone birthday.

When thinking about the perfect milestone birthday gift, you HAVE to think about the person. We think a combination of experience and something to remember it by is the perfect gift. This provides fun in the moment and a signal in the future to remember the moment whenever it's needed most.


Here are some of our favorite ideas...


18th Birthday Gift Ideas: 

18 signifies adulthood in many ways. One of those ways, depending on your jurisdiction, is access to alcohol. Gifting alcohol can be tricky, but we believe the best way to welcome the birthday person to this milestone is an introduction to the cultural side of alcohol, not just a case of beer.

Think of the impact of picking up a special release craft beer, along with a home-brew kit to try their own. Or a cocktail-making book with some ingredients for a recipe in the book you can make together. These provide an experience and something to remember the moment by, all the while, signaling there are more interesting things to alcohol than just getting drunk.

There's always a story behind well-made products and alcohol is no different. Show the 18-year-old the cultural side of alcohol and that gift will be remembered forever.


30th Birthday Gift Ideas:

An excellent birthday gift for a 30-year-old is a board game! Folks are getting serious with their careers at this age and carving out time for close friends is important but sometimes forgotten. A board game is a great way to spend time with close friends and in the end, is less about winning and more about hanging out.

Sometimes a career is just beginning at this age and a great way to amplify that is a nice professional piece of jewelry. Think about a bracelet, watch, or earrings that can elevate the birthday person's professional stock that the birthday person probably won't buy for themselves.


50th Birthday Gift Ideas

A gift for the 50th birthday can be simple. The person may have what they need but taking them for a dinner and a show will provide a chill evening to disconnect from life's pressures. If your pocketbook allows, a memento to remember the evening would be perfect. For example, if you go to the ballet,

maybe get a bracelet with a dancer engraved on it.

Regardless of whether you're buying a gift for your partner, parent, or grandparent, with a bit of thought and creativity, you're sure to make the recipient feel incredibly special!


Craft beer has exploded in popularity in recent years with microbreweries popping up all over the place. If the birthday boy or girl is a lover of craft beer, why not give them a home brewing kit?

"We believe the best way to celebrate a milestone with alcohol is an introduction to the cultural side of the drink, not just a case of beer," says Cold Garden. "Think of the impact of picking up a special release craft beer along with a home-brew kit to try their own," they say.

"This provides an experience and something to remember the moment by, all the while, signaling there are more interesting things to alcohol than just getting drunk. There's always a story behind well-made products and alcohol is no different."

Calgary’s all-female brew crew serves up fourth annual Women’s Day beer


Posted Mar 28, 2021 2:44 pm MDT

660 News - Women's Day

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The all-female team at a local Calgary microbrewery is doing its part to support fellow women entrepreneurs in the beer industry.

For the fourth consecutive year, the women at Cold Garden Beverage Company created, designed and brewed their annual International Women’s Day beer.

“Right from the recipe to the yeast we use, to the malts that we put in it — all the ladies, we sat together and came up with this brew together,” said tap room manager Brenda Dymond. “And now we all get to sit down and enjoy a pint of it.”

The brew is called “Tropic Like It’s Hot,” a play on a famous Snoop Dogg song.

A portion of all the beer sold is donated to the Pink Boots Society to fund scholarships for women in the alcoholic beverage industry.

“It’s important that everyone can get recognized in this industry, not just your typical brewers,” said Dymond.

“A lot of the ladies that come and help do it have never really brewed before, have never even really seen that process, but they serve the beer every day so it’s sort of an education for everybody.”


The team poured its first pints of “Tropic Like It’s Hot” last week.

“It’s not a quick process,” said Dymond. “So by the time you come up with your idea, you have to go through the process, your early-morning brew. That finished product, being able to say, ‘I helped make that. I’m part of that. That delicious thing you’re enjoying, I helped with that.’”

Everything from the flavour notes to the brewing process to marketing the beer was all done by women.

Dymond has helped create the beers in the past four years and encourages others to take part.

“Something that we should all try to take part in every year,” she said. “It’s really cool that it’s grown from a national to an international thing. It recognizes women from around the world.”

Road Trip AB

Cold Garden Beverage Co. - Photo Provided by Travel Aberta credit Davey Gravey

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