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Cold Garden Beverage Company is a Calgary-based microbrewery. A love of craft beer and a passing comment in a university classroom planted the idea years ago and the concept has been growing ever since. The brewery has put down roots in the vibrant community of Inglewood, hoping to breathe new life into what was once the brewing district of Calgary. Cold Garden brings a casual and eclectic vibe to the community, along with a lineup of traditional and more...eccentric beers. 

The Beer




East Calgary Lager
27 IBU | 5.2% ABV

A Vienna lager with a crisp conventional base. This beer is focused around a toasted malt center and whispers of floral hop flavor and aroma which parlay into a slight malt sweetness that joins the party at the end. This is a lager that rolls with some flavor to it. It can be a gateway beer for the craft averse or a crushable craft lager for the aficionado who needs to come down off a humulone high.

The All-Nighter Vanilla Cappuccino Porter
23 IBU | 5.8% ABV

Robust Porter with a dominant roasted malt backbone, brewed with milk sugar, vanilla beans, and cold pressed coffee, courtesy of Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters, added in at kegging. With just enough English hops to balance out the beverage, this is like drinking a coffee cake that can give you more than one kind of buzz. Drink it as the sun goes down and again as the sun comes up. 

This Must Be The IPA
69 IBU | 6% ABV

A west coast, light bodied, hop forward, fruity IPA. One sip is like a citrusy fruit salad to the face, like making out with a cold pineapple on a hot day, and like running naked through the hop fields of the pacific North West. This beer can satisfy the alpha acid heads and the rookie swimmer who needs to give their toes a dip before jumping head first down the hop hole. Turn on, tune in, and hop out.

Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump
26 IBU | 5.1% ABV

An unapologetically malt forward Irish Red Ale. This beer takes a sharp detour off the hop highway and focuses instead on the roasted, toasted, sweet, and neat flavors of the malted barley grain. A blend of caramel and roasted barley gives the Red Smashed In a perfect balance of sweetness and roasted kick. There is a fairy dusting of nearly noble English hops sprinkled in as well just so all that flavor doesn’t get lonely. See you in Malt-halla!

One Summer in Saskatoon
35 IBU | 6.2% ABV

A farmhouse style Saison brewed with Saskatoon berries. The beer has a kiss of spice up front but moves quickly to a sweet and earthy middle with the Saskatoon berries rolling through at the very end. There is a noticeable but not overwhelming Belgian backbone to the brew that brings it all together. This is a perfect pint to drink when taking a break from a hot day chaffing the wheat or mucking the barns.

Dandelion’s Blonde
18 IBU | 5.1% ABV

The quintessential light bodied American Blonde Ale. Starts with a touch of upfront malt sweetness that flips to a crisp citrusy finish. This beer is easy drinking for the easy drinker. 

25 IBU | 5.1% ABV

A Marzen style lager brewed with real vanilla beans. This beer has a pronounced malty sweet base teeter tottering with a touch of floral, noble hops. The malty base goes on to perform a clown ballet with the vanilla beans resulting in a flavor reminiscent of a birthday cake. An extended lagering process makes this a light drinking session and/or dessert beer. DISCLAIMER: No clowns were harmed in the brewing of Cakeface.



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The Owners


Blake Belding


Assigned Positions: The Water Winger, The Mash Paddler, Sergeant Sparge, The Wort Worker, The Boil Maker, The Hop Dropper, The Moss Tosser, The Pumper, The Captain of Chilling, The Pitcher (not really though, Kris handles the yeast), The Fermentation Fairy, The Conditioning Coach. Brewmeister.


Favorite Child: Vanilla Cappuccino Porter


The Truth: Impassioned homebrewer turned head brewer. If Blake wasn't brewing beer for Cold Garden he would be pursuing his dream of professional disc golf tournament management (he's a mediocre player at best). Fun facts; Blake is the best dancer and has the best hair cut of anyone on the team.

Kris Fiorentino


Job Description: Marketing, managing, matriarch…ing


Beloved Brew: Cake Face


Chronicles: Brought on board mostly to help with the heavy lifting, Kris brings balance to the force that is Cold Garden. In her spare time, Kris can be found gardening, attempting to convince her fiancé to let her get more cats, or trying to switch the music in the brewery to death metal. 

Check in on progress and be entertained by Kris' blog about building the brewery.

Dan Allard


Team role: Businessing


Dearest Beer: Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump


Secrets: This old soul's favourite magic trick is The Grain to Glory, as performed by Brewer and Distiller. He will find value in anything but favours spending spare moments with real humans and basketballs.

Find Us


You can find us on tap at:

  • Charcut

  • Iron Bridge

  • Home & Away

  • Craft Beer Market

  • Craft Southcentre

  • Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

  • Swans of Inglewood

  • Deane House

  • Hose and Hound Pub

  • Gorilla Whale

  • The Goose

  • The Last Straw

  • Vegan Street

  • The King Eddy

  • The Ship & Anchor

  • Jane Bond BBQ

  • Mikey's on 12th

  • Comery Block

  • Hayden Block

  • The Glencoe

  • Glencoe Golf and Country Club

  • N9NA

  • Freehouse

  • Leopold's Beltline

  • Leopold's Bowness

  • Smoke n Fusion

  • Gorillas

  • Original Joe's - Deerfoot City

  • Famoso - Westhills

  • Famoso - Country Hills

  • Starbelly

  • Social Beer Haus

  • Wednesday Room

  • Grouchy Daddy's

  • Earl's - 16th Avenue

  • Earl's - Barlow

  • Earl's - Dalhousie

  • Earl's - Willow Park

  • Earl's - Shepard Flats

Or fill a growler at:

  • Oak & Vine, Inglewood

  • Liquor Depot, Brentwood

  • Liquor Depot, Mount Royal

  • Market Wines

  • Craft Cellars

  • 5 Vines Wine, Craft Beer and Spirits

  • Point McKay Wine and Spirits

  • Thumbprint Craft Beer Market

  • Sierra Springs Liquor

  • The Beer Den

  • Collective Craft Beer

Contact Us


Send us an email to find out more about Cold Garden.

Drink@coldgarden.ca |1100 11 St. SE | Calgary, AB | T2G 4T3 | 403.764.COLD(2653)

Having trouble finding us? We are wedged between Smithbilt Hats and the train tracks, just look for the teal roof!

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