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Join us Tuesday, December 20 at 6:45p.m.

for a 32 player UNO Tournament with $150 worth of prizes!

Starting in groups of 4, the first two players to finish their deck advancing, and the last two eliminated. After multiple rounds, the finals will be determined, where the winner will be crowned!



First Place: $100 Cold Garden Gift Basket

Second Place: $25 Gift Card

Third Place: Growler + Fill ($25 Value)


Rule 1. UNO RULES: Follow all standard UNO rules provided in the deck UNLESS it contradicts one of the following rules.

Rule 2. +2 and +4 Cards Stack: Players may play Pickup Cards on top of each other. (Example: Player 1 plays a +2, causing Player 2 to pick up two cards and lose their turn. Player 3 then plays a Wild +4 on top of the +2, chooses a colour, and causes Player 4 to pick up six cards and lose their turn.)

Rule 3. Card Sequence: If you have a series of cards of the same coloured suit which numerically progress you may play them in sequence. (Example: Player 1 has a Blue 2, Blue 3 and Blue 4. They may play each of those cards in sequence.)

Rule 4. Rotate Hand on 0 Card: If a player plays a 0 card, players rotate hands with the next player in the current direction of play. (Example: Player 3 places a Yellow 0. The current direction of play is clockwise, all players swap their current hand to the player next to them in that direction.)

Rule 5. Play From Draw Deck: If a player has to draw from the deck and they draw a card that can be played, they MUST play that card. (Example: The deck has a Green 1 on it. Player 1 does not have any cards they can play. From the top of the draw deck the pull a +2 Green. The player must play that card since it is the same suit colour.)

Rule 6. Multiple Play: Non-Special cards of the same number, but different colors, can be played at once. (Example: If a player has a blue 7, a red 7 and a green 7 in their hand, they may discard all three cards in one turn.)

Rule 7. Respect & Inclusivity: We know how passionate UNO gets. This is a tournament meant to bring people together for a fun game, with low stakes. There is zero tolerance for disrespect, discrimination, or bad vibes.

Note: A referee will be on premise for any rule discrepancies.

What are Board Game Tuesdays?

Every Tuesday Cold Garden hosts a board game night, which is usually a free chill hangout, but sometimes becomes a paid tournament for the ages!

Stay up to date on all things Board Game Tuesdays by following our Instagram: @cold_garden

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